FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions...

What is the nearest and most convenient port to reach the Tremiti?

The port of Termoli (CB), reachable by the A14 motorway or by rail.

Can you take your car on board?

No, only the cars of residents and those who have a commercial activity can circulate.

Is there a guarded parking lot in Termoli?

Yes, right on the harbor, behind the ferry ticket offices.

How do you tour the island? Are there public transportation?

The island is only 2 square kilometers large, it is easily walked on foot.

Can cars or mopeds be rented?

Yes, only motorbikes or bicycles; there is also a private bus service.

Are the beaches equipped?

No, only Cala delle Arene (the only one in sand).

Is there a hospital?

There is a medical guard on both islands, a general practitioner and 118 with air ambulance.

Can you bring animals?

Yes, small pets are allowed.