Residence il Capannone - Fotoalbum

Below are a series of photo albums that describe the wonders of the Tremiti Islands highlighting the uniqueness of the place.

Photo by Giacomo Cacchione. All rights reserved.

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The residence: the external area
Photos of the external accommodation.

The residence: the interior
Photo of the interior of the apartments.

San Domino
The largest island of the archipelago with its coves, the village and the pine forest...

San Nicola
San Nicola Island is an open-air museum.

The uninhabited island...

Slightly bigger than a rock.

Aerial photos of the islands
The Islands, seen from the plane, show all their splendor.

From the Drone
The islands flown by the Drone.

Panoramic photos
Images captured in the most beautiful places in the archipelago.

The creeks
Easy to reach on foot with comfortable paths in the pine forest.

The caves
Mandatory stop for those staying in the Tremiti Islands.

The pine forest of San Domino
After a beautiful day spent at the sea, it is very pleasant to walk in the splendid pine forest of San Domino.

The seagulls
The true masters of the islands.

When the sea gets rough ...
The sea is beautiful but when it is rough it becomes very dangerous.

The old shed ...
Here's what the Residence was before the renovation.

Photos of the past ...
This is how the islands were a few years ago ... A collection of images and postcards patiently cataloged by my friend Gabriele Carta who, with his patient work, has created an archive of images of the highly respected Tremiti Islands ...