The archipelago of the Tremiti Islands ...

Some hints ...
The Tremitese archipelago includes, in addition to San Nicola, other islands.
The southernmost, San Domino, which is also the largest and highest, is today entirely covered by a green pine forest of Aleppo pines and the characteristic Mediterranean scrub.
Coltivata fino a qualche anno fa a cereali, frutteti di peschi, fichi, mandorli, vigneti e uliveti, basa ora la sua economia sulla pesca e sul turismo.

Capraia, on which the lighthouse was installed, owes its name to the abundance of wild capers; the island, almost all rocky and arid, is uninhabited.
The yellowish islet that lies between San Nicola and San Domino è Cretaccio.

Made of water-soluble limestone-clay soils, it is destined to disappear little by little.
On its southern coast there is a small stretch of quay with solid stone pillars, ground anchors for the wooden bridge of the Bourbon period.

The archipelago of the Tremiti Islands is completed by other more distant islands, not visible from this point: Pianosa, also uninhabited above all because, only a few meters high, it is often bypassed by the waves in the days of storms, and the two Pelagoses, finished under the sovereignty of the former Yugoslavia at the end of the war.