San Nicola island...

The island of San Nicola of Tremiti preserves the monumental traces of an ancient past whose history, marked by the continuous flow of multiple events, has its distant origins in myth and legend.

Originated, along with the other Tremiti Islands, by the Greek hero Diomedes who was returning from the Trojan war, it was frequented in Roman times and chosen for the construction of a large villa, perhaps imperial, of which some remains still remain.
L'imponente fortificazione, che domina dall'alto un ampio tratto di mare Adriatico, e che riemerge oggi dopo lunghi lavori di restauro, revoca l'atmosfera del medioevo, quando, dopo la leggendaria fondazione della chiesa di Santa Maria, l'isola divenne meta di pellegrinaggi e sede di una potente abbazia al cui controllo si susseguirono diversi ordini monastici (Benedettini, Cistercensi, Canonici Regolari Lateranensi) che, con alterne vicende, la portarono piu' volte allo splendore e alla decadenza fino al XVIII secolo. 524/5000 The imposing fortification, which dominates a wide stretch of Adriatic sea from above, and which emerges today after long restoration work, revokes the atmosphere of the Middle Ages, when, after the legendary foundation of the church of Santa Maria, the island became destination of pilgrimages and seat of a powerful abbey whose control was followed by different monastic orders (Benedictines, Cistercians, Canons Regular Laterans) who, with various events, brought it several times to its splendor and decadence until the XVIII century.
In 1780, by order of Ferdinand IV of Borbone, king of Naples, the island of San Nicola became a land of exile and deportation of numerous convicts and was a penal colony still in the early decades of the twentieth century.
Today, the vestiges loaded with ancient memory, the wild beauty of nature, the intact cliffs make San Nicola a place of great tourist and cultural interest.

San Nicola in numbers...

Length from NE to SW
Maximum width from E to N
Maximum height above sea level
Coastal development

It is from San Domino 450 mt., from Cretaccio 300 mt. and from Capraia 1.300 mt.